Official Trailer | The Falcon and the Winter Soldier | Disney+

Birt 7 feb 2021
Are you ready? Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” and start streaming the Original Series March 19 on Disney+:
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  • Why wouldn’t Sam wanna aggravate him? Didn’t Bucky wreck his car by ripping the steering wheel off?

  • I want to watch this

  • Honestly I just see my man Zemo. I can't wait too see his arc for this series. Daniel Bruhl did such a good job playing him in Winter Soilder.

  • After watching this trailer. Tom Holland who?

  • I feel sorry for the history lessons that people have to take in the MCU

  • music is amazing

  • Who is missing the captain America ?

  • I ship it

  • Yess

  • "Are you having a staring contest?"

  • Wow, they must be desperate now that End Game is over. It's obviously not the New Mutants but why would you make a TV show about two of the least beloved Avengers? This and Wandavision, so droll and uninteresting.

    • ok, they are expanding the MCU and making people like them more?

  • "How old are you?" LOL

  • I feel like the people in masks are Madcap somehow.

    • Actually long time ago it was confirmed that those masked people are actually The Flag Smashers group. And that redhead girl is *Karli Morgenthau* an adaptation of the Flag Smasher from the comics, Karl Morgenthau.

  • My friend: You've watched this trailer 10 times already..... Me: I can do this all day...

  • Avengers: Literally save the universe from being destroyed Zemo: *NO MORE HEROES*

  • Just by looking at the trailer I know this movie is gonna b badass!

    • It's not a movie.... It's a series 🤤😉

  • La team osef mdr


  • Took me a moment to realize that once someone takes the soul stone red skull don't need to be a guide anymore and it was him saying that he has no intention to leave business unfinished at 0:33 !!! 😳😳😳

    • That guy who said that line is Zemo, the villain from Civil War, not Red Skull.

  • “Why does Sam aggravate you?” Civil War: “You couldn’t have done that earlier?” *”I hate you.”*

  • There's no way in HELL that this is gonna top WandaVision.

  • I ship it

  • Im hungry

  • No one can take the place of CAPTAIN AMERICA

  • If this show is anything like WandaVision, I'm expecting dissapointment. The episodes better be longer than the drip fed to us 20 minute episodes of WandaVision.

    • how many episodes did you even watch, the first 3 were bad then it got really good

    • WandaVision wasn't a dissapointment unless you were stupid enough to give in into the hype of absurd fan theories that in no way could have place to be developed in such a limited format a a miniseries.

  • Tom Holland's step brothers have cold fight...

  • 1:30 on the onwards gives me chills

  • The falcon and the Winter soldier

  • Cool!

  • i will treat this as lethal weapon 5!

  • I am ex Christian Atheist ... And it's a racist series, "Sweet Jesus" as there is no Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela or other Religion teachers ... there are 750+ Religion in world and everyone has their right to believe in someone and don't impose something in a movie that states religion .. go beyond it. Dare question to it. This Religion thing has to end

  • I swear to god the marvel cinematic universe amazes me every time

  • *Claim your here before 100 Million views ticket*

  • *They are going to make Rogers proud*

  • why can't we have a baddie latina in the mix, not some norman white girl everytime

  • How were those guys and hello girl overpowering Bucky?

  • The music is soo good though aaah

  • I'm excited but also worried.

  • The therapist is my fav.

  • Nice, Zemo :D

  • god i can't wait anymoree

  • I am more excited for the song... hehe

  • Aren't they kinda of underplaying just how powerful and capable the "Winter soldier" is?

  • Another Hobbs and shaw

  • I'm expecting a hole series of a "I was Steves best friend" contest.

  • None of this would have had to happen if Black Panther just let Zemo shoot himself in Civil War

  • Did they just SHARE the shield??!!

  • *bad guy walks around with the camera focused on the mask he's holding at his side. He puts his mask on* Me, squinting at the screen: is that- is that the antagonist from Birds of Prey????

    • I not sure There is Miss Captain America, .....

  • Winter soldier: you couldn't have done that earlier? Falcon: I hate you

  • Ah yeah!!! The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is coming!!!! One question: IS YOU READY?

  • Falcon and Bucky: risking their lives once again White Vision: reading about philosophy

  • Therapist: How old are you? Bucky: more than 3X your age

  • Superb

  • marriage counseling between bros the movie

  • Cant wait I love the winter solider so hope they make a season 2 in the future

  • This year, Marvel brings you life every Friday. Stay Tuned.....

  • that was a great BGM

  • I didn’t knew that Bucky had a haircut after almost 75 years....😅🤨

  • can't wait

  • I am a simple man I hear Migos: you ready in a trailer I rewatch again and again!

  • ????? Nex capitan America is.....

  • When Sharon came up Bucky and sams faces make me laugh

  • I not sure There is Miss Captain America, .....


  • Ya know, I always felt bad that Steve got a chance to go back in time and live his life and Bucky was stuck alone in the present. It seemed unfair that Bucky didn’t get the same chance, but then I realized that the future *is* Bucky’s chance at a real life, and a life that belongs to him. He had to stay in the present-the past wasn’t pleasant for him. I hope Sam can help Bucky have a future again ❤️❤️

  • "superheroes cannot be allowed to exist" *Billy Butcher joins the chat*

  • Therapist: "Why does Sam aggravate you?" FLASHBACK to airport scene CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Bucky: "You couldn't have done earlier?" Sam: "I hate you."

  • Wanda and Vision had a hard time in Westview Meanwhile...

  • why does bucky remind me of joey from friends?

  • I like the trailer.

  • The haircut that Sebas has on right now reminds me of when he was in The Covenant. I still watch the movie to this day.

  • Marvel fans: WE HATE SHARON JESUS UGHHH Marvel: So you want Sharon in this right? Yeah?

  • This is what I think happened. "Mr. Barnes, why does Sam aggravate you?" "I asked him for a cup of water once and he brought me a cup of ice and told me to wait."

  • 1:41 I AM READY!!!

  • 1:40

  • Sickkkk

  • Wow I love this!! My heart stopped.

  • Can't wait to watch..

  • Y'all are talking about Bucky and Sam, but no one is gonna talk about Sharon and Zemo????

  • Bucky looks like Karl Urban’s Star Trek character with that haircut.

  • Sebastian 😍 Stan 😍

  • Wandavision: Marvel's most unique, experimental, and profound project yet. Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Staring contest.

  • What’s the song called?

  • Does anyone know what the music in this trailer is?

  • This song slaps btw

  • Therapist: How old are you Bucky: my age is beyond your imagination

  • who is here, after wandavision

  • 1:09 Was that Captain America I just saw or someone else in costume?

    • The new Government-sponsored Captain America, John Walker, the U.S. Agent.

    • That's U.S. Agent, a character from the comics.

    • Yes that is just some dweeb pretending.

  • I have a feeling this series gonna just be bucky and Sam acting like the cute idiots they are

  • "Wilson to Barnes, ABORT! she's got a mask, ABORT!

  • I am looking for The Falcon and the Winter Solider

  • I kinda miss captian amica

  • Подписывайтесь на мой канал(БЛАГОДАРЮ)

  • This is not the first time you've watched this. It's not mine either.

  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🎭😂😂😂😂😂

  • I’m going to cry if Bucky dies or his love interest is sharron

  • I watched this trailer for 10+ times just because of its background song. Plz name that song....

  • Stupid humor again

  • Like How Winter Soldier Has His Arm From Infinity War And Endgame

  • Looking forward to this since Wandavision is now over